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The DeNorma Electronic Menu redefines service, placing infinite possibilities at your patrons' fingertips - and absolute control in the palm of your hand.

As the world's first smart electronic menu, DeNorma tablets not only show case your menu, they aggregate real-time analytics on customer habits and preferences. Designed to empower patrons with a custom dinning experiences, DeNorma ensures customers are both highly satisfied as well as engaged, and thus more induced to spend. Its dynamic menu display is only the beginning of DeNorma's endless list of features. A tablet that rivals the most leading-edge personal devices available on the market, it employees technology that enables customers to access the Web, run a variety of installed apps, view local news and points of interest, and most importantly, be immersed in sales and marketing content that drives businesslike never before.

DeNorma also revolutionizes the bar and restaurant industry by stream lining reports and processes to save establishments of all sizes timeand money. Through its proprietary tablets - one type for customers andanother for employees and management, it gathers, processes and relays datain real-time. Its feature-rich, interactive interface intuitively translates customer input-from food and drink preferences to promotions participate onto app selections-into valuable data that seamlessly integrate intooperations. This in turn facilitates POS functions, inventory control, accounting and even clientele database creation for tabs and mailing lists.

Through innovation, integration and intelligence, DeNorma delivers thecustomer retention and operational efficiency you need to take your business to the next level.





Setting in motion from Summer 2015!